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Olga Y Gorlova, PhD
Associate Professor of Biomedical Data Science


I have a substantial experience in studies of cancer epidemiological and genetic risk factors and in modeling of lung cancer screening and population lung cancer trends. I am currently leading a genome wide association study of lung cancer in never smokers and am analyzing smoking and nicotine dependence phenotypes and their genetic background in Native Americans. I have a long-term collaboration with many investigators taking part in the proposed project. I have developed a model of lung cancer natural history and proposed an unbiased approach to estimate tumor growth rates from a screening program’s data. Using a carcinogenesis modeling approach, we were able to derive risk profile-specific estimates of lifetime lung cancer risk in individuals with different smoking histories. By modeling we have estimated potential lung cancer mortality reduction due to CT screening in populations stratified according to their lung cancer risk profile. My experience and qualifications, as evidenced by the publication list, make me well-suited to be a contact PI on this application.