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Yolanda Sanchez, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology


Dr. Sanchez is a geneticist trained in both mammalian and yeast models. Her laboratory uses yeast and mouse models to study the interplay between oncogenes and checkpoint pathways in the early stages of cancer development. As a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Stephen Elledge's laboratory Dr. Sanchez focused on using yeast and mammalian cells to dissect the signaling pathways that regulate S phase and Mitosis following DNA damage, where she cloned the mammalian and yeast checkpoint kinase 1 genes. The human Chk1 kinase is an oncology target in Phase I clinical trials. Her laboratory also builds genetic platforms that are used in synthetic lethal chemical screens for the identification of drugs and drug targets for the treatment of cancer including pancreatic cancer and numerous types of aggressive neurological cancers.

Dr. Sanchez serves on the steering committee for the Early Phase Trial Clinical Oncology Group and is a member of the Neuro-oncology program of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. She co-directs the SYNERGY Pilot program in Methodology and Technology Innovation for Translational Research (MITRA) with Drs. Anna Tosteson and Richard Enelow. Dr Sanchez was a member of the NIH Molecular Genetics C study section and has served on numerous NIH panels. She is co-inventor on three patents and two provisional patent applications.

Additional Titles

  • Associate Director for Basic Sciences, Norris Cotton Cancer Center